Tuesday | SEPTEMBER 26 2023


A leading company in the MCN, Metaverse & NFT industry for liquidizing intangible assets. Operating the world’s first royalty resale system (Application_Khanaires, Khanteum)

A leading company in the MCN, Metaverse & NFT industry for liquidizing intangible assets. Operating the world’s first royalty resale system (Application_Khanaires, Khanteum)



All processes of Google’s YouTube copyright royalty sharing service since 2021 and all creators’ royalty sharing to third parties or issuance and distribution in NFT are a part of the receiving rights sharing system that is operated by Khanaires. All forms of NFT issued based on digital assets, as acknowledged globally, are a part of the rights for property ownership that is branched out from the receiving rights sharing system. In the case of NFT for liquidizing intellectual property rights, NFTs can only be issued, stored, and distributed by using methods similar to Khanaires’s Khanteum value which liquidizes invention patents. As such, Khanaires collects intangible assets, and Khanaires, which distributes those assets, have secured an international original patent for the metaverse era and NFT industry to gain an unrivaled position in the industry.


The Metaverse & NFT Industry Market Entry Status of Global Conglomerates

Job Creator Khanteum

Khanaires provides online platforms and services for the new generation where jobs are diminishing. Our NFW (Non-Fungible Warrants) products are powered by patents and copyrights of intellectual properties that will be the market game changer. Specifically, the patents "System of Receivable Rights" and "foward transaction system" have allowed us to create a new market that will become the next breakthrough in the crypto market.


Many platforms are suffering from SEC regulations, however Khanaires' products are "Howey Test Free" approved, and have been paying taxes to the government for the past 5 years. Allowing only national fiat to be traded for our NFW product's transactions, have claimed centralization in our payment system. We call this new concept, SEMI-DEFI. Through this new market, we will provide audition platforms that will create new jobs for the new generation.

Game changer in NFT industry


“Fairness and freedom using forward transaction”

Equity & Freedom using forward transaction

A world where everyone wins! The justice and value to be realized at Khanaires will lead the future market.



Aside from the services provided by Khanaires, a wide array of sponsorships and cooperative relations provide a healthy service to establish an artificial intelligence ecosystem that is open to all. Together with our affiliated company, Appplatform co,. ltd artificial intelligence service, WritingGel, we will create a world where all Khanteum Warrant holders are winner.


NFW Manager CIO of Khanaires Dubai

Chris Woo-Sung Cheon Email : Twitter : @khan_zzang Mobile : +82 10 3730 9285